What benefits do our products bring ?

A real gain of autonomy :
The users can anticipate the upcoming events, plan their days, effectively organize themselves and stay active ! The synopte promotes and develops self-reliance. It prevents loss of autonomy and helps to increase it.

A structuring effect :
In the general opinion of health professionals, the synopte helps to structure the whole individual, and not only his spatio-temporality. The conquest of time is an essential step in construction of any individual, and the synopte is, in that matter, the most complete and well thought out tool. With the colors which give the rhythm of the day, the synopte has a real regulator effect.

A reassuring effect :
Temporal disorientation puts under stress. The synopte secures and soothes. It also reassures all those who are around the person in trouble : family, caregivers... The synopte is a valuable way of exchange and communication.

A pleasing effect :
The synopte can give (and sometimes give again) meaning and purpose to passing of time. This clock organizes and enlivens hours in a playful, imaginative and colorful way. It contributes to the well-being and the better living of people in trouble. The synopte is primarily a functional tool, but it is also a pleasant and very decorative object.

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