Our products are designed for those who are (temporarily or permanently) immersed in a sort of "time fog" and that, whatever the cause :
Early childhood (2-7 years) before learning to read the hour.
Learning disabilities.
Mental disability or any other form of disability, which makes it difficult to grasp the notion of time (like autism).
Neurological rehabilitation (after a head injury, for example).
Neurodegenerative diseases (like Alzheimer's) and any other loss of autonomy.
Our products are therefore working tools which interest an extremely diversified customer base :
Institutions : kindergartens, nursery schools, specialized centers, hospitals, retirement homes...
Health professionals : psychologists, psychiatrists, neurologists, psychomotor therapists, occupational therapists, pathologists,
pediatricians, geriatricians...
Professional or family caregivers.

The dial displays the 24 hours of the day.
Unlike the usual 12-hour dial that requires actual capacity for abstraction, the synopte provides a direct and immediate hour reading.
The only hour hand indicates the present moment.
This only hand is more than enough to read the hour. The graduation provides a reading accuracy at the quarter of an hour near.
The rhythm of the day is given by a code of colors.
This code is based on the traffic lights: green for the morning (the day begins) and red for the evening (we stop our activities). Orange for the afternoon, yellow for the noon and blue for the night.
The daily schedule is directly posted on the dial.
The dial of the synopte is exactly used as a magnetic board. Ideal for (re)find our daily marks.